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Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild Progress: Defeating my first Guardian

Originally posted this on Reddit, but I thought I'd put it here and expanded it. I mentioned here when and how I started playing Breath of the Wild , six years after its initial release. I also talked about how nervous I got when facing enemies or doing certain tasks (which is also something that happens in other games). I've mostly gone around the game trying to complete the map (done), getting Koroks (I got enough for all the inventory upgrades, so it's not my priority any more), and Shrines (I found 88 so far, but not all are finished because they're mostly medium and major Tests of Strength). I've also explored and farmed things (playing BotW as if it were Stardew Valley lol). My nervousness about facing enemies manifests physically. My hands shake, my heart beats faster, and sometimes I get cold sweats. This happens regardless of whether it's a Bokoblin or a Chuchu or the bigger ones like Hinox, Guardians, and Lynels. For most of them, I've learned how