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I finished playing Breath of the Wild [Spoilers!]

After approximately 8 months and 400 hours of gameplay, I finally finished Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . (Note: This blog post contains affiliate links) Now, I've  mentioned before that BotW was the first Legend of Zelda game that I've ever played at length, and with that, it was the first of the franchise that I've finished. When I started playing the game, I didn't think I'd finish it. I felt that the tasks were too big and that there were too much to do, and I didn't have the skills to defeat Ganon. Plus I'm used to a very linear JRPG style of game where you can't progress until you finish a certain part, and I disliked LoZ's battle system. But I just kept playing, though. There were days when I'd log in and just roam around Hyrule. I put off fighting the Divine Beasts because I thought I couldn't. Then there were days when I think, "Ok, let's fight (insert enemy name here)." Which was how I managed to get through th